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People who work in the industrial and construction fields have a demanding workplace environment. Job duties often include dangerous tasks that require proper training and equipment to maintain employee safety. When industrial and construction related accidents happen, they often result in serious injury. If a worker was inadequately trained or subjected to using improper or broken equipment, there may be a claim for compensation. At Smith Wilson Law Firm , it's our job to fight for these injured workers.

Common Causes of Industrial and Construction Injuries

Falls, plant and refinery explosions, fires, and equipment failure are just a few of the leading causes of industrial and construction related accidents. Misuse of heavy equipment, improper transportation and installation of materials, and unenforced safety regulations can also cause serious workplace injuries. It is the employers duty to make sure the proper procedures are in place and enforced to prevent these types of catastrophic situations.

Experienced Injury Attorneys

The attorneys at Smith Wilson Law Firm have represented thousands of accident victims over the last 40 years. We have recovered millions of dollars for family members and victims of industrial and construction accidents. Our vast experience allows us to work quickly and effectively to recover damages that will help in the recovery process.

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