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Accidents Involving Intoxicated Drivers

Accidents involving drunk drivers account for approximately 30% of traffic fatalities across the the United States each year. When someone makes the decision to drive a vehicle after they've been drinking , the safety of innocent drivers is put at risk. This type of negligent behavior can have a devastating effect on victims or family members of someone who has been seriously injured or killed by a drunk driver. Even when someone is fortunate enough to survive an alcohol-related accident, often times they are left with serious injuries that can lead to a lifelong financial burden. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and disfigurement are all types of damages that can be considered when serious injuries or death arise from the negligent actions of a drunk driver.

Drunk Driver Accident Liability

While drunk drivers are often liable for accidents caused by their own negligence, other parties may also be held responsible. When an alcohol “provider” such as a bar, restaurant, or other type of drinking establishment serves and obviously intoxicated person, sometimes they can be accountable if that person gets behind the wheel and causes a serious injury or death while intoxicated. These types of situations are referred to as “dram shop” cases.

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