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Agricultural accidents are common across the US, predominantly in the southwest and midwest regions. Most jobs in this industry require long work schedules and often involve the use of heavy equipment and machinery. Farmers often work alone in the fields operating tractors, and ranchers often work in large pastures running cattle or mending fences. Working alone or in remote locations can make it difficult to seek emergency medical attention in the event of a serious accident or injury.

Farm & Ranch Injury Causes & Liability

One of the most common causes of agricultural accidents is defective or improperly maintained equipment and machinery. Operating heavy equipment such as tractors, harvesters, and combines can be very dangerous, even for an experienced operator. Equipment that isn't properly serviced becomes prone to failure, which can lead to accidents that could have otherwise been prevented. Tractor rollovers and other accidents involving farm equipment often result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Barns, grain elevators, and other high elevations are places where falls and other types of crushing injuries can also occur. It is up to the farm or ranch owner to make sure all equipment is in good working condition and that employees are properly trained to operate it safely.

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